Q. What is a jockey box?

A. A jockey box is a go anywhere draft system that does not require any electricity or refrigeration - literally all you need is C02, H20 (in frozen and liqud form) and a keg of beer.  Inside the jockey box are coils of stainless steel which need to be covered in an ice water bath and connected to your keg.

When you pull the tap to pour a drink, CO2 allows beer to flow through the submerged stainless steel coils.  As the beer moves through the coils it quickly cools and reaches the tap at approximately 36-38 degrees (the ideal serving temp for draft beer).  Beer pours into your glass or red cup ice-cold, even when the keg is at room temperature!

Q. How do I know for sure your draft beer system will fit my keg?

A. Different breweries do use different kegs which means a different attachment (called a coupler) is needed depending on your specific keg.  We have every kind of coupler in stock so as long as you specify the right keg for your party or event at checkout you'll be all set!

Q. Should I keep the keg cold?

A. When it comes to the shelf life of a keg yes refrigeration will preserve the life of your beer. However, once it comes to the day of your party or event, refrigeration is no longer needed with our system.  That's pretty much what makes a jockey box the perfect way to serve cold beer on tap no matter where you are or what amenities you have access to.

Q. What is involved in the set up process?

A. While setting up a jockey box system may seem complicated, we promise it's really easy!  You can view our set up instruction video here.

Q. Do you sell kegs?

A. Unfortunately we don't sell kegs, just the go anywhere system to serve beer on tap!

Q. Do you refill CO2 tanks?

A. No we do not but we do supply you with the CO2 tank you need as part of your rental.

Q. How does the pick up & drop off process work? Is delivery or set up an option?

A.Yes it is! We offer a few different options so you can pick what is best for you!

The most budget friendly option is picking up your rental from us and returning it back to us at the end of your rental period. There is no charge for this we just ask that you include your desired pick up and drop off time at checkout so we have everything ready for you.

Still a bit nervous about the set up or just don't have the time to pick everything up from us? No worries - you are going to want our drop off & set up option.  All drop offs will include complimentary set up - you just need to have your keg(s), water & ice ready for us.  We'll make sure your draft system is hooked up and pouring beer just right before we leave.  You just need to return the rental to us at the end of the rental period. Cost for this option does vary based on location and you can find the exact price for your location here.

Now if you don't want to pick up, set up, or drop off don't worry you aren't screwed with options - we can do that too!  We'll deliver your draft system and set it up for you as well as return at the end of your rental to pick up your jockey box system. This is the most expensive option (just as a heads up) and price does vary based on location. You can find the exact price for your location here.

**If you do decide to selected our delivery or pick up service, please note that we only deliver/pick up between the hours of 7pm - 10pm weeknights, and 8am-12pm weekends/holidays.  If you will be picking up/dropping off your rental from us we can accommodate almost any time!**